Paul Kelly is an accomplished award-winning film editor and music composer with extensive experience in film, TV, and advertising. In January 2006, Kelly co-founded Beast, a successful post-production and film editorial company. His most recent projects include co-editing the Black Eyed Peas 2016 version of #WHERESTHELOVE music video. In addition, Kelly has scored music for films Savages, Any Given Sunday, and Comandante directed by Oliver Stone as well as the Oscar-nominated film short, Everything In This Country Must, and documentary film, American Made Movie.

Kelly's composing talent has seen him working with well-known names in the industry. He has been sought out for his music scores in films, Savages, Any Given Sunday and Comandante, directed by Oliver Stone, and Oscar-nominated film, Everything In This Country Must, and music for numerous advertisements, including Calvin Klein.

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Editor Reel

Sample Music Scores

Music Score Credits

Directed by Oliver Stone
American Made Movie
Directed by Nathaniel Thomas McGill & Vincent  Vittorio
Frank The Rat
Directed by Jim Cozza
Any Given Sunday
Directed by Oliver Stone
Directed by Oliver Stone
Everything In This Country Must
Directed by Gary McKendry

Ironman Triathlon World Championship (NBC)
Natural World: Earth Pilgrim (BBC)
Kevin Pearce Tribute (NBC)
Tim Tebow: The Chosen One (ESPN)
NFL Countdown (ESPN)

Calvin Klein
Miller Beer
Level 3 Communications
Miller Lite Beer
Ad Council


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