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Paul Anthony Kelly is a person whose editing and composing talent, has seen him working with well-known names in the industry for over twenty years.  Kelly continually pushes the boundaries of expectations, which see him as a person that is consistently sought out. Kelly is an award-winning editor and music composer with extensive experience in film, TV, and advertising. His most recent projects include co-editing the Black Eyed Peas 2016 version of "Where is The Love?" (#WHERESTHELOVE) music video.
Kelly has also been sought out for his music scores in films, Savages, Any Given Sunday and Comandante, directed by Oliver Stone, and Oscar-nominated film, Everything In This Country Must, directed by Gary McKendry. Kelly's music is not only sought out by world renowned film Directors, but also in numerous advertisements, including Calvin Klein Eternity. Kelly has also worked with major artists, such as Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and Eric Clapton, editing music videos, You’re Still the One, by Twain, Breathe, by Hill and Pilgrim, by Clapton. 
Kelly’s music has also been well received. For example, Thom Jurek wrote about Kelly’s album Soundings in Film, “His moving sound constructions are full of emotions and moods -- not all of them pleasant -- and his takes on funk, rock, and blues are not journeyman, but those of a musician who takes these art forms seriously and seeks to represent them accurately in his utterances". Frank O. Gutch Jr, also wrote about Kelly’s album Evolution In Film, and gave glowing context to his work as outlined in the following, “Paul Kelly knows what music is. He knows that it can be a setup, a climax, or an anticlimax. He knows the value of music applied to other media. More than that, he knows music.  Not at all unlike a classical composer or even the rock band which plays beyond the fringe, he creates music for a reason”.

Film & TV Score Credits

Directed by Oliver Stone
American Made Movie
Directed by Nathaniel Thomas McGill & Vincent  Vittorio
Frank The Rat
Directed by Jim Cozza
Any Given Sunday
Directed by Oliver Stone
Directed by Oliver Stone
Everything In This Country Must
Directed by Gary McKendry

Ironman Triathlon World Championship (NBC)
Natural World: Earth Pilgrim (BBC)
Kevin Pearce Tribute (NBC)
Tim Tebow: The Chosen One (ESPN)
NFL Countdown (ESPN)

Calvin Klein
Miller Beer
Level 3 Communications
Miller Lite Beer
Ad Council

Sample Music Scores


Evolution In Film

Available on
Apple iTunes

Any Given Sunday Vol. 2

August 29, 2000
Available on

Soundings In Film

Available on
Apple iTunes


Available on
Apple iTunes

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